Monday, July 17, 2017

First Finish From the Q3 List

This is the resulting table runner I made after having tested the Mod Citrus pattern for Sew Kind of Wonderful. Using the Quick Curve Ruler to make the orange peel blocks is a smart technique, avoiding doing them in applique.

I quilted the green leaves with my walking foot, and I love the echoing texture. The orange flower was free motion quilted with pebbles around the edges. The background has dense stippling to make the orange peel blocks stand out.

This is the first finish from my 2017 FAL Q3 list .

Keep on quilting!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long :: Q3 List

Last quarter I only managed to finish one of the projects on my list. Let's see whether I can increase that number this time from my Q3 Finish-A-Long list.

My first goal is continued from the first quarter, and is to assemble the 24 blocks of the Modern HST Sampler, add a border and quilt it.

 Goal number two is to make a quilt out of these Bee blocks from last year. I will need to make a few extra blocks to get a decent sized quilt.

The third and last goal is to finish the quilting of this table runner, and put the binding on it.
I was lucky to be one of the pattern testers for the Mod Citrus pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful, and I chose to make a table runner of my test blocks.

Keep on quilting!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long : Q2 Finish

I had four projects on my Q2 Finish-A-Long-list , but I only managed to complete one of them.

This project was not big, but it took time to hand quilt it. The pattern is called Double Stars and is designed by Barbara Brackman. It is taken from the book All in a Row by Moda. I only made one of the rows, and decided to make a skinny out of it.

I had this as my hand sewing project on guild meetings and in front of the TV. The dimensions are 8" x 48". I hand quilted it with a neutral color thread that works well with all the colors.

For the binding I used one of the blue/green fabrics from the inner stars. All the star fabrics are from the line Birchtree Lane by Connecting Threads. The background fabrics are neutrals from the same manufacturer.

It was very relaxing to do the hand quilting. I am almost a little sorry that this is a completed project, because now I have to find another to take with me to guild meetings!

Linked up to Q2 FAL finishes .

Keep on quilting!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Batik Stripes

Here is the latest table runner I have made, from a tutorial by Diary of a Quilter. I used batik stripes that made a colorful runner. The evening sun makes the colors glow, and it looks great with the blooming apple tree as background. It is amazing how fast the sky turned completely blue after a heavy rainfall!

The runner stretched out on my deck, accompanied by a few apple blossom petals.

Keep on quilting!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ileana's Round Robin Quilt

I am one of six European ladies that have joined the Rakish Needle Round Robin this year. This quilt was started by Ileana in Great Britain (crazy house block) and fantastic additions were made by Katrin in Germany.

Ileana wants a quilt "Freddy Moran style" (look it up), that is quite "crazy". I did some research on her style, and discovered that (almost) anything is allowed. Just add some white and black to let the eyes rest a bit in between the color explosions!

 I felt very inspired by Freddy's many examples of quilts, and got lots of ideas. My biggest source of inspiration was the book Undeniably Crazy by Buggy Barn. This is the first time I used patterns from that book. I ended up making this row of blocks.

 When attaching  my row to the original one the combined piece looks like this. The cockatoo and the flower on blue background are patterns from the book. The rest of the blocks are improvised.

A house needs a rose garden, and two roses made in crazy log cabin style are on the far right. I had to add a cat to the picture, and hung a crazy log cabin style "picture" of a cat on a black and white wallpaper.

This is a very wild quilt, and I look forward to see how it will look in the end!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cute Kitties

Spring came late this year, but yesterday was time for the first lawn mowing this season. These cute kitties love a fresh mowed lawn! Flannels in golden to dark tones make up a gorgeous bunch of cats!

These are the two first test cats I made from a tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company. It is a fast and simple block to make, and I sewed most of the kitties on a sew-along gathering with my local quilt guild. Mostly I used a variation of flannels, but to make it a little more interesting I added two made of a cat print.

I got up early in the morning to take these last pictures. The sun had not heated up the air, yet, so it was quite chilly. The cats didn't mind, though, flannel "fur" insulates well against cold. Anyway, kitties love to get some warmth in the sun.

For the backing I used Britten Nummer from Ikea. The quilt will be donated to the children's ward at my local hospital, and it is the 17th quilt I have made for them, and the third so far this year. I quilted it with a free motion dogwood pattern in a caramel color that blends in with the kitties. This was a great free motion quilting practice!

Thirty cats can make a lot of fuss and be a wild bunch, but these are well behaved and good friends. Lets hope they will be good comfort to a cat loving child.

Keep on quilting!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tulips are Lovely!

 I was very excited when I got the chance to test this New Spring pattern for Briar Hill Designs. I really need this colorful table runner to brighten up my house (and yard), because spring is very late this year. Last night we had frost, and yesterday morning I woke up to a snow covered yard.

 Julia of Briar Hill Designs has designed lovely patchwork tulips, finished off with a curved bottom. The pattern comes in lap and crib size, also. I chose to make the table runner since I had the perfect mini charm pack in my stash, Little Miss Sunshine by Vanessa Goertzen for Moda.

 The table runner needs three tulips, and in order to get one red/pink, one yellow/orange and one aqua I needed to complement the fabrics with a few pieces of Shuffle by Riley Blake Designs.

It is May, but still no tulips blooming here, so my wooden tulips will have to accompany the patchwork ones.

The pattern is provided with templates to cut out the curves. I have never cut out curves using a paper template together with a straight acrylic ruler before, but with Julia's instructions it became a piece of cake. 

I chose to quilt the runner with wavy lines using my walking foot, and with thread matching the background fabric.

 I just had to get a stained glass window picture of the runner. The backing is a fun low volume fabric from my stash

Making this New Spring table runner was a nice experience. Julia's pattern is very well written, and anybody could tackle these curves.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Katrin's Round Robin Quilt

This year I joined my very first Round Robin, the Rakish Needle, hosted by Katrin in Germany. Six European ladies will contribute in making six very different quilts throughout the year. It was exciting and a little bit scary to commit to such a project, I didn't know what to expect, but Katrin is a good organizer and she is very helpful and keeping us in line. On her blog she has assembled a block parade  that shows the starter blocks for all the six participants in Rakish Needle Round Robin.

I was the lucky one to to receive Katrin's BIG starter block, the compass rose block measured approximately 31" x 32". She envisions "jewelled adventure galore on a low volume background. What unknown lands will we discover, what weird creatures and which magical myths?" That is a mouthful, but I already had plenty ideas before the block arrived.

She also included this fish block in the starter package, and I chose to include it in my round, because it fit so well with the rest of my blocks.

The first block I made was this cute, little crab. I was inspired from a picture I found, and the block is a combination of foundation paper piecing and ordinary piecing. The block is 5" finished, and it is the first time I have constructed a paper piecing block myself. The teal crab got accompanied by an orange/yellow one in my final work, just so it wouldn't be lonely.

I also discovered the Wee Animal Quilt made by . I fell in love with the simple shapes made with the Mini Quick Curve Ruler. It is obvious that the above creature is a lobster, right?! The claws that are tied down with a jeweled "ribbon" of Mostly Manor fabric by Victoria Findlay Wolfe makes this my favorite curved block.

Here are all the blocks I made for this round of the Rakish Needle. The curved piecing of the teal fish and purple sea lion was fun and fast.

The first test layout of the blocks. (Oops, the compass rose was turned the wrong way here, that was fixed later). Of course the blocks needed some adjustments to fit in, my own background fabric plus a few pieces of Katrin's provided fabrics were added.

Here's the right column with the sea lion and crabs.

And above the bottom row with my teal fish, red lobster and Katrin's lovely pieced fish.

This concludes my round in the Rakish Needle Round Robin. The piece has grown to be approximately 39" x 40". Katrin indicated that she wants to use the finished quilt on her bed, and big is beautiful!

I may have gone a little bit overboard with my addition to the quilt top, but I had so many ideas! I had to restrain myself not to make it bigger; I have to let the other participants be creative, too!

Finally, a picture of the quilt top in the morning sun on my deck. The piece will soon be on its way to Poland and Maja for the next installment. I hope Katrin will be pleased with it in the end!

Keep on sewing!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Green Charity Quilt

Back in March I won a giveaway from Kawaii Fabric on Instagram. There were three novelty fabrics that were perfect for a charity quilt for small children, all from Michael Miller Fabrics. One was a "fairy tale" print with Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs. With fairly busy prints on the green fabrics, I added solid charcoal squares to "calm down" the design of the quilt.

I cut 5" squares and laid them out in a traditional patchwork design, 99 squares all together. The charcoal works well with the busy green prints.

The quilting is a simple crosshatch design done with the walking foot. The simplest is often the best, and I didn't want the quilting to attract the attention away from the detailed novelty fabrics. The backing fabric is the well known raspberry fabric from Ikea that I often use for charity quilts. (I have a lot of it in my stash).

This was a fast and fun quilt to make, it took me approximately 36 hours from I started cutting the squares until the last stitch on the binding was done. In that time period I also managed to get my 8 hours of sleep...

The quilting is done with a green thread that works well with both the front and back of the quilt. After a wash and dry cycle, the quilt is ready to be donated to the children's ward at my local hospital.

This concludes my charity quilt number 16 to the hospital, and the second so far this year. My goal of six charity quilts this year seems to be in reach...

Keep on quilting!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More Pattern Testing

Back in February this year I started pattern testing for Berene of Happy Sew Lucky. This lady is productive, and already in April I have completed testing of my third pattern for her.

This is her third pattern of the Tattoo Series, the first one is LOVE (which I haven't tested,  yet). COURAGE is tested by me here .

I am definitely not an expert in foundation paper piecing, actually the first time I paper pieced a block was during the Splendid Sampler quilt along last year. Since then paper piecing has become one of my favorites.

Berene's patterns are easy to follow, the instructions are very clear, even Y-seams are no problem anymore.

I love this shot of my blue swallows on my deck with my purple  Little Birdy pincushion keeping it in place in the wind.

The latest pattern is FURY, and above are my fabric choices. I had the perfect orange and yellow fabric, Marblehead by Ro Gregg for Paintbrush studios, the two leftmost fabrics. There's a lot of life in this fabric, especially the orange one.

The first item I did was the text banner. Here is an in-progress shot of the heart with the banner. The heart fabric is also perfect, the golden lines and the darker red patches give a lot of life to the heart.

Here all the flame pieces are done and ready to be assembled. The ruler I received as a gift from Berene has come in very handy working with paper piecing.

The flames are slowly coming together. You can almost feel the heat!

...and the flames are done! There's so much life in this picture!

And here the quilt top is all assembled. The burning heart on the cold, almost snowy background.

This is how the backside looks before the paper is removed, lots of tiny pieces!

The FURY is burning in the sunlight!

Thanks to Berene of Happy Sew Lucky for letting me test her patterns, this is a real skill builder for me!

Keep on sewing and paper piecing!